Just got back from San Pedro, Belize. Had A full week of diving with everyone. I put together a short video featuring a lot of the videos I took using a canon powershot with underwater case.  Also be sure to check out the Read More »

Dovetail Joint Exploration





Had the opportunity to do some research on PhoneGap.  I was researching non-“objective c” platforms for developing mobile apps as well as trying to find cross-device platforms that could run natively if need be.  HTML5 is the real hero in this matter, but PhoneGap does a good job of mapping the HTML5 functions to the iPhone SDK and Android SDK as well as other devices, so that it can be compiled and run as a native app.

The difficult part in this matter is convincing people that HTML5 has all the necessary functionality for their app design.  Though I haven’t done enough research at this point, it does appear that a lot of the common mobile device features like capture (video, audio, photo) and geolocation are supported.  I hope to sit down and develop an example app at some point to have a better understanding of it.

Getting ready to launch

Getting ready to launch my first ASP.NET MVC 3 site,  My hope is that it will become a template for developers to share important details of their skillsets/portfolios with interested parties (clients, prospective employers, fellow developers, etc..).

Here’s Groucho

Released Feb 28, 1995 – Here’s Groucho compiles ten musical comedy performances and sketches from the inimitable Mr. Marx; highlights include “Hooray for Captain Spaulding,” “Dr. Hackenbush” and a pair of recordings also featuring Danny Kaye, Jimmy Durante and Jane Wyman — “How D’Ye Do and Shake Hands” and “Black Strap Molasses.”

Arduino Shower Controller



Daikon micros!

Work work work

Ubiquitous days.. Walking to and from. Eat. Enjoy life.. for 3 hours. Sleep. Repeat. The ebb and flow of working.

People think, therefore everyone thinks?

Upon hearing a conversation while riding the max, I was forced to think about the way people think about other people thinking… Specifically, this coversation was anti-gay and everyone involved seemed to agree that.. “it just ain’t right” —

Now I instantly wanted to interject “the worlds problems all stem from people thinking what’s right for themselves is right for everyone!”, but I held back and let them continue to tell stories to eachother about encounters with “faggots” – all the usual generalities.

I couldn’t stop thinking about how there are still a lot of people out there that really think that their concept of right/wrong extends well beyond the confinements of their own mind. Perhaps what I should’ve said was “you’re all wrong!”

Kolsch Brewing